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To fully maximise the potential of our community, here we are going to talk about Coworking Granada Catedral: Our Seminars and Workshops. These are designed to not only help our coworkers grow their businesses, but themselves as well.

Our Coworking grants a wide array of advantages, but maybe above all is the sense of community it creates. Moreover, this community can open the door for a large potential network of likeminded professionals from across all different sectors. 

So, what’s on offer? 

  1. Language Seminars: Here at Coworking Granada Catedral, we understand the importance of languages to any sector. As the world globalises, being able to connect to a new market of potentially millions of people gives you the competitive edge. Therefore, we run language seminars in English, French, German and Russian. Whether you’re a beginner or simply brushing up on what you already know, the ability to talk another language opens doors in the professional market. Furthermore, another language can boost your CV
  2. Digital Marketing Workshop: The ability to effectively market on the internet is a truly cross-industry skill. The world is moving online, and technology is becoming more and more important. Therefore, ensuring that your digital skills match your in-person skills is essential. Our digital marketing workshops will give you the keys to effectively advertise on the internet and boost your business’s online presence. Furthermore, they will aid the development of your website, corporate blog and social medias. 
  3. WordPress Training Workshops: Even if you’ve never heard of WordPress, you’ll have used one of its by-products: 38% of the web was created using it. An attractive, sleek website is a huge plus for any business. Our WordPress training workshops will ensure that you get the most out of this tool, whilst maximising the potential of your website.  
  4. Attracting International Clients: International expansion is a goal for any top business, but one that can be difficult to achieve. In addition to our International Atmosphere, here at Coworking Granada Catedral, our members from all over the world can give you the tools you need to grow and capture the attention of international clients

Don’t miss out on our seminars and workshops!

We hope you have enjoyed reading Coworking Granada Catedral: our seminars and workshops. Our fundamental objective is to ensure that our members enjoy this incredible workspace whilst growing their professional opportunities. If you would like any more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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