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We are going to focus today on innovation in times of uncertainty. In many ways, the future is more uncertain than ever. Firstly, we are faced with the all new challenges of the coronavirus outbreak, and having to become socially distanced workers. Furthermore, the rapid advancement of technology can make predicting the future difficult. Attempting innovation in times of uncertainty can be daunting. However, these unprecedented times can actually be an opportunity for businesses. 

Innovation demands the thinker to turn away from tried and tested methods, to search for a better way. In the current climate we are being forced to work differently anyway, so the scope for creative innovation has never been greater. But how do we achieve it? At Coworking Granada Catedral we are committed to helping grow the creativity of all our coworkers. In this article we will explore how we can achieve innovation in times of uncertainty. 

Don’t go it alone 

There’s power in synergy and diversity. The importance of sharing responsibility in times of uncertainty, and making full use of your team, is paramount. A focus on creativity to come up with innovative ideas is needed. Therefore, ensuring that you have heard the ideas of a wide array of people is essential. We all have different experiences and ways of thinking. Thus, when working in cohesion, our potential to innovate grows. If you’re stuck in your line of thinking, a new set of eyes will help come at the problem from a totally different angle. Our International Atmosphere at Coworking Granada Catedral makes us perfectly placed to take advantage of this. 

However, just as important is making sure that you’re addressing the challenges of your team. Uncertainty can be a frightening prospect for anyone, so ensuring that you look after the needs of your team. This could be in regards to connectivity, technology or health care. If they see you supporting them, they will support you. Building such an atmosphere of cooperation will only continue to aid an organisation in the long run. 

Adopting the Right Attitude 

Innovative thinking means seeing opportunity in adversity. Rather than relying on past experience, we must look for better ways, and explore multiple new possibilities and solutions. However, it is also essential to adopt a realisticattitude. Being overly negative can harm team morale, whilst being overly optimistic may lead your team to feel that their issues are not being dealt with. A balanced perspective is important. 

Compassion is also needed in times such as these. We must understand that people are going through different things and treat them with empathy. Acknowledging the stresses that the pandemic has caused can go a long way. Creating a work environment that you can enjoy despite uncertainty facilitates the growth of innovative ideas.  We recommend this interesting article to read more about this topic.

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