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In this article, we are going to talk about promoting work happiness: why it’s important, and how to achieve it. Happiness in the workplace is great for business. Happy, engaged teams result in increased productivity and turnover. Employees show up every day with passion, purpose and energy. They will be more effective workers if they want to be there. 

Your workspace is an essential feature of this. It should be a welcoming environment that can facilitate your team to concentrate. At Coworking Granada Catedral, our brightspacious office spaces have been designed to boost your work-life! For any smaller or part-time businesses, a coworking space is ideal to obtain all the benefits of a great office space whilst saving on costs. For companies without permanent office space, our meeting room spaces are ideal to reflect a positiveprofessional view of your company. Furthermore, the collaborative character of coworking spaces could be exactly what your business needs. Our International Atmosphere makes this all the more useful! Moreover, mere metres from the beautiful Granada cathedral, our offices are brilliantly located

How to promote work happiness 

Firstly, to promote work happiness, from the management down you must espouse a caring attitude. Honestycompassion and respect go a long way- positivity can permeate quickly throughout your organisation. Conversely, a toxic environment can also quickly spread, so its important to get it right. Greet your team. A simple hello can go a long way. Take a genuine interest in your team members and take time out of your day to check in with them. 

Secondly, deliver praise and recognition often. Don’t wait for performance reviews- if people deserve praise, give it to them. Feeling underappreciated is the leading cause for job dissatisfaction, so don’t be afraid to tell someone when they’ve done a good job! Furthermore, try to make the work that your employees are doing fulfilling. If your team members understand their job, and can see its impact, they’ll be happier to do it! Refrain from micromanaging– you’ve hired your team for a reason. They’ll appreciate you trusting them to do their job. Finally, when it is needed, frame criticism constructively, and use it as an opportunity to develop their skills. 

Healthy people are happy people. Incentivise your employees to keep active. Exercise has a plethora of stress-relieving properties. Look into bike-to-work schemes, negotiate a corporate discount for local gyms, lay out healthy snacks or encourage mindfulness and meditation

We hope that this article on promoting work happiness has been of use to you. If you’d like to read similar articles, check out our blog! For more information on our coworking space, don’t hesitate to get in touch

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