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In this article, we are going to discuss the unique opportunity for entrepreneurship in Coworking. Coworking offers a plethora of opportunities. At Coworking Granada Catedral, we are in the perfect position to offer all of these. Our bright and spacious officesbrilliantly located next to the Granada cathedral, as well as roomy meeting rooms, are available with all the flexibility of a coworking space. Furthermore, they have been carefully designed to be COVID secure. So, how can our coworking space encourage Synergy and Entrepreneurship?

Supercharge with Synergy!

Investopedia define synergy as:

“the concept that the combined value and performance of two companies will be greater than the sum of the separate individual parts”.

As well as the ability to work between two companies, synergy can also be internal. It is achieved when diverse parties collaborate for a common cause. It should be the goal of any company. It makes teams more effective, and stronger. Furthermore, it should be aimed for within all elements of a company. A coworking space can be indispensable for this. For a smaller business, a full-time office may be too expensive. Our flexible timetable means you can still meet with your team when necessary. Face to face interactions are essential to building synergy and growing your business. Furthermore, by working in our space you have access to Our International Atmosphere. Grow your network and create synergy with likeminded professionals from all over the world. 

Encouraging Synergy Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the basis of all business. It is essential for all small ventures to be able to materialise their innovativeideas. Moreover, to continue to grow your business, you must continue to innovate. Coming to a coworking space allows you to focus, and for your creativity to grow. In addition to this, taking advantage of the network of international co-workers will enable you to find inspiration and develop a global mindset. In today’s uncertain atmosphere, entrepreneurship has never been more important. If you’re interested in reading more on this, check out our article on Innovation in Times of Uncertainty so you can have an idea on Synergy and Entrepreneurship in Coworking.  

We hope you’ve found this article on Entrepreneurship in Coworking helpful. If you’d like to find out how you can take advantage of these benefits, don’t hesitate to Get in Touch

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