Whether working from home or from the office, work life has taken on a very different look in 2020. In this article, we are going to explain why a coworking space is perfect for the modern era. The uncertainty of COVID has led to many changes having to be made. However, adversity also presents the opportunity to grow through innovation. A coworking space has many benefits. It leads to lower costs, whilst also increasing the productivity of co-workers; allowing you to keep growing in the modern era! 

Why choose a Coworking Space?

Whilst the flexibility of working from home may be appealing, it can’t replace the value interacting in person. These are just some of the reasons for why a coworking space is perfect for the modern era: 

  • Drastically reduce costs! One of the biggest overheads for any firm is rent of office space. Using a coworking space means you get all the benefits of an office for a fraction of the price. Furthermore, it allows for flexibility to work between your home and an office. Working from the office isn’t always necessary, but a coworking space is there for you when it is! In addition to this, it removes the costs for furnishing an office that might otherwise start to add up!
  • Focus on what’s important! In a coworking space, the menial tasks are handled for you. All bills are included, so you don’t have to worry about paying for those. IT and technical support is provided. Worrying about making sure the printer has enough paper, or that the photocopying is working properly is no longer your concern! Even the coffee is provided, so no more worrying about restocking the kitchen. Focus on what’sreally importantyour company!
  • Positive impact on your employees. Working from home 24/7 can have a toll on your mental health. The opportunity to come in and collaborate with co-workers in a social setting is good for us! PositivePsychologyexplain the science behind why work relationships are so important. Studies found employees to work faster alongside knowledgeable co-workers. Furthermore, social interactions are essential for wellbeing. This has a positive impact on employee engagement, and affinity to their company. 

The importance of environment

Co-workings foster a mutually beneficialcommunity feel. Furthermore, it can lead to an increase in productivityInnovation often occurs through the simple interactions that are born from collaboration. For example, brainstorming with your team in person will be far quicker and more productive than it could ever be via email or even videoconference. Moreover, working together in person builds relationships between your team. This leads to better communication, with a further knock-on effect to your productivity. 

  • COVID-friendly! Finally, our coworking spaces have been carefully tailored to ensure that everyone will be safe while working from the office. Large offices and spread out desks allow for a communal, yet socially distanced work environment!

Coworking in Granada!

At Coworking Granada Catedral, our coworking space is brilliantly located in the centre of Granada. With bright,spacious offices, and meeting rooms with views of the beautiful Granada Cathedral, it’s perfect for anyone looking to take advantage of a coworking opportunity! Yet more, our International Atmosphere enables you to build a globalnetwork of likeminded professionals at the same time!

We hope you’ve found this article on why a coworking space is perfect for the modern era helpful. If you’d like to find out more, don’t hesitate to Get in Touch!

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