why a coworking is perfect for a start-up

Establishing your start-up can be difficult. You need to make use of every advantage you can. It is for this reason that today, we’re going to focus on why a coworking is perfect for a start-up. The concept of a coworking is simple. Rather than renting out an entire office space, you just rent what you need. Whether this be hotdesking, or renting individual offices, you can make either short- or long-term commitments as necessary. This makes it perfect for a start-up; and here are just a few reasons why. 

Lower Costs

Hiring an office space is one of the biggest costs a business can face. In a start-up especially, money can be tight to begin with. Hiring an office space gets rid of these overheads straight away. For a fraction of the price, you can gain all of the benefits of working in an office. Furthermore, in a coworking you just pay for what you need. Whether you just need a desk to work from on your own, or a space for you team, it can be found at a coworking! This leads us on to our next benefit…


You might be a quickly growing start-up. Predicting where your company will be in a years’ time can be difficult. Don’t stunt your growth my committing to long term tenancies! At a coworking space you can choose a short-term option, and then simply change them when needed. 

Furthermore, a coworking gives you the ability to gain the benefit of a professional space whilst only paying for what you need. First impressions are important, and renting a meeting room for important meetings gives off a much better image of your business than a café or you house! 

Focus on your business!

Working from a coworking space eliminates all the smaller, annoying problems that can otherwise take up all of your valuable time. Paying for water, electricity or Wi-Fi bills is all covered for you. Maintenance of electronics, such as computers, printers or scanners is no longer your concern! When these worries are taken care of, you can focus on what’s actually important: your start-up!

Then, why a coworking is perfect for a start-up?

Perhaps the most important reason for why a coworking is perfect for a start-up, is the instant group of co-workers and networking opportunities available. Although working from home has its place, nothing beats the productivity of working in person with a team. Check out this article for all the benefits of teamwork in the workplace! A coworking opens up a whole network of likeminded professionals. Not only will you be better able to concentrate by working with other focused business-people, but you have a chance to learn from them. Moreover, you may well find co-workers who are a perfect fit to come and work for you. On the other hand, you may encounter potential customers. Networking can open up many unforeseen possibilities! 

We hope that this article on why a coworking is perfect for a start-up was useful! For a bright, open coworking space in the centre of Granada, feel free to visit us as Coworking Granada Catedral. If you have any queries at all, get in touch!


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