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Recent times have seen a move away from traditional workstyles. This article is going is explore why a coworking is the future office. Remote working has become more popular- and even a necessity for many during the COVID pandemic. However, the office provides many benefits that homeworking cannot. A coworking provides a professionaloffice space, without the commitment and inflexibility of a regular office space. It grants the opportunity to networkwith a wide array of people, on your terms. So, exactly why is it the office of the future?

What do employees actually want?

The best way of assessing what the ideal office space is, and why a coworking is the future office, is by listening to the people who actually work in them. So, what do employees want for their workspace?

  • An office space. A survey from Clutch found that 83% of employees prefer to work in an office at least some of the time. Although working remotely can have its benefits, an office space is often the best way to go. It offers employees a clear division between their personal and work lives, a place to socialise, and of course somewhere they can go to be fully focused. Above all, a nice office space leads to happy workers, who are more productive. A Coworking is ideal for this, as it offers flexibility. Employees can come in if and when they need!
  • A comfortable workplace. An office place should be somewhere that employees can look forward to coming in to. Harvard Business Review’s survey found the main thing people wanted was better air quality and natural light. Here at Coworking Granada Catedral, our brightopen offices with views of the Granada cathedral offer just that. Moreover, PeopleMatters’ review of a Steelcase study emphasises the importance of informal spaces. They offer both a place to relax, and take a break, as well as a potential alternative workplace. Whilst older generations use these spaces to relax or network, millennials often find them preferable to work in. The best thing is, a coworking handles all of this for you- you simply move in then reap the benefits!
  • Refreshments! Inc. found that the third highest priority, with 85% stating its importance, was teacoffee and refreshment facilities. A tea break if often needed- and what’s more, many great ideas come out of small talk over a coffee! In a coworking, you can make use of these facilities, without having to deal with any of the menial tasks of restocking or maintenance. 

What does a coworking offer that other offices can’t?

Above all, flexibility! Beyond the drastically lower costs, a coworking offers increased flexibility and autonomy for your workers. If you have a good team, they should be trusted to know how to work however is best for them. If they need to come in, they can. If they need to work at a more secluded desk to focus, or work in a more communal space to collaborate, then they can! What’s more, through the mix of different companies and people, the ability to network and collaborate is far greater. 

We hope you enjoyed this article on why a coworking is the future office. If you’d like to look more in to how you can take advantage of everything a Coworking offers, don’t hesitate to Get in Touch! Our offices, designed to be totally COVID-friendly, situated in the heart of Granada, are perfect for whatever you’re looking for. 


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