This article is going to explore 6 famous companies that started in coworking spaces. A coworking space may well be the office of the future. What’s more, it has a proven track record of aiding some of the world’s biggest companies to grow. 

Firstly, we should address just why a coworking space is so good for a start-up. Firstly, having an office space to go and work is good for workers. It creates a clear distinction between home and work, and focusing whilst surrounded by likeminded professionals is far easier. However, renting an office space is very expensive. A coworking allows you to make use of an office space, without taking on all the costs. Furthermore, the flexibility of coworking contracts means you won’t be tied down by long term agreements. For quickly growing start-ups this is ideal! Furthermore, it creates an instant network of professionals, opening further avenues for talent acquisition

This being said, let’s look at 6 famous companies who started in coworking spaces:


Instagram is one of the most recognised and successful brands in the world. After rampant success, it was acquired by Facebook and currently has a value of over $100 billion. However, in its early days, Instagram was created in a coworking space in San Francisco. Founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Friger have said that the coworking communities helped them in getting their app launched. If you would like to learn more about Instagram’s creation story, then check out this Investopedia article!


Indiegogo is a crowdfunding website that allows people to solicit funds from the public- be it for charity or private enterprise! Many ventures have been launched through their site, contributing towards the democratisation of financing. Indiegogo started off in a coworking, and has gone on to raise over $50 million in funding. 


Uber, first created as an idea to eliminate taxi problems in San Francisco, can now be found all over the world. The thought process behind Uber was started in a coworking space, and the company is now one of the most successful cab system providers globally. 


Spotify is currently one of the most successful apps worldwide. Now worth an estimated $67 billionSpotify’s journey began at a coworking called RocketSpace. As one of the most used apps in the world, Spotify exemplify how some of the world’s leading products have made use of coworkings. Not every company can be Spotify, but a coworking can help get you there!


Launched from a coworking space in California, ZipRecruiter is an American employment marketplace for both jobseekers and employers alike. In 2017, they reported over 430 million job seekers on their platform. 


Ofo is a Chinese start-up that runs a bike sharing system in an attempt to reduce pollution. It is currently open in 21 countries across the world. Providing a cheapenvironmentally friendly solution to travelling around cities, Ofo has become a more and more popular service. Until recently it was still running from a coworking space based in London!

We hope you found this article on 6 famous companies that started in coworking spaces interesting. If you would like to look in to how you too can take advantage of everything a coworking has to offer, then visit us at Coworking Granada Catedral. Don’t hesitate to Get in Touch!

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