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Coworking is quickly becoming seen as the future of working. An important reason for this, is the social side of coworking. Coworking has many advantages. It brings all the benefits of an office workspace, yet combines it with flexibility and autonomy. Furthermore, it drastically reduces costs. All of the smaller costs and menial jobs, such as maintaining technology and paying bills, are taken care of for you. However, the social side is just as important. Working from home may be seen as good option. It reduces the need for high rent or commuting costs. However, it can have a toll on the mental health of the worker. It blurs the line between the personal and work life, meaning that the stresses of work never go away. Furthermore, it can lead to loneliness. Always working on your own can make work unenjoyable. Yet a coworking can solve this!

The stats don’t lie…

It has been proven that the social side of coworking is effective. A report from SmallBizLabs found that 87% of people who work in a coworking said that they meet with co-workers for social reasons, whilst a huge 89% say that they’re happier since joining a coworking space. Working with a wide group of people can make work interesting, and make you look forward to coming in. Happiness is closely linked to your social life, and productivity is closely related to happiness. Therefore, it’s worth investing in!

A chance to grow personally!

In a coworking, compared with a traditional office, you get a wide mix of people. As you have many companies working in the same building, you get a wide mix of co-workers. Furthermore, our co-workings at Coworking Granada Catedral draw people from all over the world. Through this international atmosphere, you have a chance to grow an international network. Learning from different cultures enables you to see problems from a different view. 

Those who only work from home often find that they miss the social structures of the office. Having a group of people to socialise with can be, or even to make friends with and go for a drink once work is done, is important. A coworking makes this possible for anyone freelance or those working in a small start up.

Good for Business!

The social side of a coworking is also good for business! It gives you the chance to grow a professional network. Moreover, people often find future employees, or even business ventures through mixing in their coworking. 

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