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More and more people are starting to choose coworking spaces- and for good reason. For small businesses, start-ups or independent workers, the lower costs are perfect. This article is going to explore why Coworkings are great for saving you money. Coworkings offer a previously overlooked group of workers a place to collaborate, grow and succeed. 

Easy, Manageable Costs 

For most small businesses or nomadic workers, an office space is far too expensive. However, a coworking negates this issue. Firstly, you just pay for what you need. If you’re an independent worker, then you can hire just one desk. Small companies can rent a few. Moreover, everything you need is included in this one membership fee. An office space usually becomes far pricier due to the cost of all the little extras that start to add up. Furnishing the office, paying for electricity, Wi-Fi, cleaning and more all start to add up.

Something simple, such as fitting then maintaining a kitchenette can become very pricey. In a coworking, this is taken care of for you. Furthermore, this protects you from any unexpected costs. AC costs spiking in summer, or having to replace broken technology are absorbed by the coworking. These costs are therefore lower, and easier to plan and budget as they are fixed. Great for any business!

Furthermore, these costs are far more flexible. With an office space, you are often tied down to a long-term contract. A coworking offers much more short-termflexible contracts. This means that no matter how business is going, you have the ability to adapt. This also makes coworkings far more scalable than traditional office spaces. Don’t let your office space limit your growth!


Networking can be a long and time-consuming process. However, working in a coworking space gives you a ready-made network of likeminded professionals with whom you can connect. Additionally, coworkings have been shown to attract a young crowd. A SmallBiz study found that 65% of the people in coworkings were under the age of 40, with a median age of 35.

A coworking can therefore help in networking and talent acquisition, especially with young workers! The same study reported that a massive 82% of co-workers said that they have expanded their professional network since joining a coworking. 


Something to consider in why coworkings are great for saving you money is location. Finding office spaces to rent in city centres is often very expensive. However, by renting a coworking, it gives you the chance to work in the heart of cities, without the massive cost. This makes it more attractive to work for your company, as well as putting you closerto clientspartners and team members

Small Businesses 

For small teams or small businesses, the ability to save with a coworking is massive. Renting a whole office space is unpractical, time-consuming and expensive. However, all working remotely and having to connect via video calls is not the same, nor does it yield the same results. A coworking lets you reach your productive potential without breaking the bank!

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