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At Coworking Granada Catedral, we’re proud of the team of co-workers we have together. In this article, we invite you to meet our team, and we’ll examine why it is so beneficial to our way of work. 

A Multidisciplinary Team of Professionals

At heart, at Coworking Granada Catedral, we’re a team of likeminded professionals. Despite working in a wide array of sectors, everyone shares a common professional work ethic. If you work in a small team, or even on your own, coming in to work in a coworking space is an excellent way to help you focus.

We take pride in the wide range of professionals who work here. We have sworn translators, online teachersengineers, graphic designers to even therapists working under our roof. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement, and one that enriches us all. The multidisciplinary environment helps for a variety of reasons:

  • Personal Skill-Building: Our co-workers benefit from the opportunity to learn from each other. They can pool their strengths and talents. By working with people from a different sector, they can learn new approaches to problem solving that they may not have otherwise seen. Moreover, it provides a continual chance to develop communication skills. 
  • Increased job satisfaction: Working with a diverse group of people leads to increased worker happiness. Moreover, working with co-workers from unrelated industries provides a chance to socialise in a more relaxed manner on breaks.  
  • Fast-paced innovation: The diverse expertise and viewpoints of your co-worker will enable you to see problems from new angles. Thus, innovation occurs at a much greater pace. 

An International Team

To properly meet our team, we’ll next detail our international nature. From the translators to the teachers, our team speaks many languages. This firstly makes fitting in- no matter where you’re from- a quick and easy process. But beyond that, it provides some unique opportunities. 

heterogenous team can become an echo chamber of ideas, making problems more likely to arise. However, our international team gives us an invaluable access to different ways of thinking. From a business standpoint, local knowledge of different markets across the world can give a competitive edge to your company.

Working in an international team develops many transferrable skills. Additionally, it also presents the perfect chance in which to practice and master a foreign language. Finally, as you meet co-workers from all over the world you have an opportunity to develop a truly global network of friends and contact. If you’d like to learn more about the many benefits of a global workforce, check out article from Velocity Global

We hope you enjoyed this article- and chance to meet our team! If you would like to find out more about the great opportunities to co-work available at Coworking Granada Catedral, don’t hesitate to Get in Touch!

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