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In the current climate, where loneliness, anxiety and stress are more and more prevalent, making your health and wellbeing a priority is more important than ever. This article will explore the physical and mental health benefits of coworking.

Work-life balance

Striking a healthy work-life balance has never been easier! With coworking, you can physically separate your home life and your professional life and properly switch off after work. This increases sleep quality and reduces stress and burnout.

Coworkers also claim to be more productive as they are able to avoid distractions at home and in public spaces, which allows them to focus entirely on work. As a result, they feel more accomplished and satisfied which generally increases their mood.

Social interaction

The pandemic has taught us the value of social interactions and spending time with others, so working from home may not be the best option for our mental health. Coworking spaces foster a sense of belonging and encourage the creation of support networks in the workplace. This helps to combat loneliness and isolation, common problems stated by those working from home.

Furthermore, coworking comes with ample opportunities to socialise and meet new people, for example, coffee breaks and lunches with colleagues. This is a great opportunity for networkingor to simply make new friends.

The list goes on!

There are even more health benefits of coworking. These spaces are office environments, designed with comfort and practicality in mind, for example ergonomic chairs and extensivenatural light. Compare that to your makeshift desk and chair at home, or a table in a café and it becomes clear that coworking can also have physical health benefits, such as reduced back and neck pain.

Finally, work becomes a lot more flexible and coworkers have much more freedom regarding time management. Without the physical presence of a manager, you can take breaks as an when you need to which allows you to prioritise your mental wellbeing.

We hope you found this article interesting. If you’d like to take advantage of our bright, spacious coworking spaces and friendly international community at Coworking Granada Catedral, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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