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Self-employment requires persistencededication, and organisation, in order to get established and create a successful business. But most importantly, confidence. Maybe you feel ready to work for yourself but are nervous about taking that first step. Here are some of the main advantages of being self-employed.

What does it entail?

Being self-employed essentially means being your own boss. Self-employed workers work for themselves, as freelancers or business-owners, rather than working for an employer. The self-employed tend to earn an inconsistent salary since their income depends on the performanceof their business. However, despite this, being self-employed brings a multitude of advantages.

  1. Control

As a self-employed worker, you can make all the decisions you want regarding the running of the business. You are the sole person in charge and have no superior. As a result, when setting up your business, you have the freedom to choose the business area, the target audience, and your team (where applicable). Furthermore, as the business develops, you can manage all aspects, up to and including the most minute details.

  • Flexibility

While being self-employed comes with a lot of responsibility, a major advantage is the flexibility this brings. Since self-employed workers are in charge, they can choose their working hourswhere they work, and when to take holidays. They have complete independence as regards their time management, meaning their days are often varied. Additionally, they can choose their office location, or work from home, and this freedom results in a shorter or non-existent commute, saving time and increasing productivity.

  • Enjoyment

Finally, many people continue to work in a job they do not enjoy. However, being self-employed gives you the freedom to focus on something you are passionate about, meaning it does not feel like a chore. Consequently, you are more likely to feel motivated, productive, and more satisfied in your daily life, both inside and outside of work hours. As well as the lifestyle benefits mentioned, seeing the financial results of your hard work is rewarding.

To conclude, although initially becoming self-employed can be challenging, and it comes with some disadvantages such as unstable income or difficulty in picking up work, if you invest time in it, it is worthwhile. Self-employed workers benefit from independence, flexibility, and enjoyment, and these benefits outweigh the risks.

Self-employment and coworking

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