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Nowadays, achieving and maintaining a work-life balance is ranked as one of the most important workplace attributes. However, this can prove a challenge since many people have misunderstood the term, and how to strike this balance. This article will examine how toachieve a work-life balance in coworking spaces.

What is a work-life balance?

Contrary to popular belief, a work-life balance does not mean an equal amount of work and “personal time”.

work-life balance involves setting boundaries and prioritising what is important to you. For many adults, this would be spending more time with friends and family, especially their children. You should aim to do your job wellwithout sacrificing your health, family, or happiness. It is important to have a manageable workload, even if this means delegating or saying ‘no’ to certain projects. To strike this work-life balance, you must accept you cannot do or have it all and feel content with your life as it is.

Time management

One of the first steps to take is to organise your time efficiently, especially at work. You should have set work hours and stick to them, something that is easy to do in a coworking space as you are in control. You could also choose an office that is close to home, to limit time spent commuting and invest this time in other things. Furthermore, prioritising important tasksdelegating those that you are less suited to, and knowing your concentration peaks and troughs will allow you to save even more time. To sustain productivity and feel satisfied at work, it is essential to take regular breaks and to have enough sleep.


Working in a comfortableluminous environment is essential in order to strike a healthy work-life balance. Coworking spaces provide this, with ergonomic chairs and spacious rooms, allowing you to work productively and feel satisfied at the end of the day. Furthermore, more and more people realised the paramount importance of physically separating work and home life after having to work from home during previous lockdowns. In contrast to working from home, coworking spaces allow people to separate their work and personal lives and properly switch off.

Determine your priorities

It is impossible to have or do everything. Instead, make a list of your priorities and do not sacrifice them. Life is not all about work; other things such as health, family, exercise, hobbies are equally as important. Schedule time for things you enjoy, just like you would do for an important meeting or medical appointment. Make sure to not neglect the importance of ‘me’ time and looking after your mental wellbeing too. By devoting time to these things, you will feel healthier, more energised and content with life, which will allow you to work better. It’s a positive feedback loop! You just have to commit.

To achieve a work-life balance, you must make some difficult decisions and stick to them. It requires a change of mindset; activities outside of work must become priorities, not merely things you should do. Coworking spaces create favourable circumstances for striking this balance, since you can separate work and home life, and efficiently manage your time.

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