what makes a coworking space unique

In today´s post we will find what makes a Coworking space unique. Coworking Granada Catedral is a shared space where different freelancers, entrepreneurs or SMEs from different sectors work at. This will allow you to interactwith people from different professions and in different types of companies, creating networking and business opportunities

– What is networking?

It is the relationship that you develop with different professionals, related or not to your work activity, with the aim of creating a network of quality contacts that may be useful in the near or distant future. This is the idea that would be achieved in our Coworking Space.

– Why is Coworking better than a traditional office?

When people work in a traditional office, they usually feel overwhelmed, unmotivated and uninspired to get on with their work. In our Coworking Space, the atmosphere is pleasant and designed so that you can be inspired and do your work as motivated as possible, thus not only improving your results, but also your professionalism. In our Coworking Space you don’t have to worry about the speed of the Internet or electricity, or any other problem you can imagine, as we have everything under control so that your stay is as optimal as possible.

As we have already mentioned, we have a comfortable and pleasant environment, with plenty of light and space. We also have a common area with comfortable sofas and chairs, coffee, tea and snacks, as well as a kitchen if you want to prepare your lunch or store anything in the fridge. These places are also perfect for networking with the co-workers, and it is what makes a Coworking a space unique.

We also have our own private space if you need to make an important phone call or videoconference with your company, so you can use our meeting room whenever you need to. Absolute privacy and comfort.

For more information about working in Coworking spaces, please check the following article published by ChargeSpot: “Everything you need to know about Coworking Spaces

As you may have read, our Coworking Space offers many advantages and facilities that a traditional office does not. If you want to be in a more relaxed environment and not have the stress of having your boss next to you watching every little detail of what you do, Coworking Granada Catedral is your place to work.

Thanks your for reading our post on What makes a coworking space unique.

– Where to find us

Exact location: Calle Cárcel Baja, 19, 3ºA, 18001, Granada.

For more information, please visit our website.

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