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Due to the pandemic that we have been living with for more than 18 months, together with the advance of new technologies, many companies have decided to make their employees performing their work out of the office. They decided to replace their working mode to be online work, where employees can do their job and even assisting to meetings from home, a private office or even a Coworking Space. So, what is the relationship now between technology and people?

– The Future of Employees and Employers: Technology and People

Working remotely has become popular throughout the pandemic disease, which is going to mean a leap forward for employees and employers in the near future. Now, taking a break for a coffee with workmates has been replaced by online coffee meetings online, face-to-face meetings are now done by means of a screen, etc. So, we can say that now we are more technological connected than ever. However, this new way of working has also advantages, and it does not necessarily imply working from home, there are other options available.

One of these is working from a Coworking. At Coworking Granada Capital, you will be able to save more moneythanks to our tariffs, plus our great location, as you won’t have to spend anything on petrol or public transport.

At our Coworking Space you will be able to notice notable improvements in your productivity thanks to our environment that invites you to improve yourself day after day.

– Technology Must-Haves

At Coworking Granada Catedral you will find all kind of technologies. We have a new and advanced printer for any paperwork you might need to print out, we have Wi-Fi with the fastest speed you can get at Granada, and we also have computerscables and chargers you can use in case you need any. All of this is available at our Coworking Space.

These are the must-haves that our Coworking Space complies with, since all of these are the technologies that every worker will need every day, so thanks to Coworking Granada Capital, all your technology needs will be at your disposal.

Check the article “Top 100 Apps, Tools & Technology for Coworking Spaces” to know more about the technologies in a Coworking Space.

As you may have read, our Coworking Space offers many advantages and facilities, so if you want to be in a more relaxed environment to do your job remotely, come to Coworking Granada Catedral.

– Where to find us

Exact location: Calle Cárcel Baja, 19, 3ºA, 18001, Granada.

We hope that this post “Technology and People” has been of interest for you. For more information, please visit our website.

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