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In today’s post we explain the difficulties of the Spanish visa for nomads. It is a new procedure attracting more and more attention. We invite you to read our post and discover the secrets of working remotely in Spain on our blog Coworking Granada Catedral.

What are nomads?

In this context, the term nomad refers to digital nomads. These are people who telecommute while travelling around the world. Nowadays, a large part of companies and freelancers work is carried out virtually. The rise of the Internet and remote work has led to an increase in the number of workers looking for an ideal place to develop their jobs. Spain has always been one of the favourite destinations for tourists, and of course, it is one of the target destinations for digital nomads.

After the pandemic, the number of digital nomads has shot up and the government saw it as a great opportunity to create an international remote worker permit. This visa for digital nomads was approved last December with the so-called Spanish “Startup Law”, which allows remote workers and digital nomads to live and work in Spain. 

Among digital nomads, a distinction should be made between teleworkers who work for another company and those who are self-employed. 

Around this new trend, numerous businesses have emerged, such as websites that suggest the most suitable cities for each nomad. They also give ideas on where and how to find shared offices to work in.

How to apply for a visa

To apply for a nomad visa, you must meet a number of requirements and pay a fee. You must be a graduate or postgraduate from a prestigious university.  You may have completed vocational training at a recognised business school or have at least three years of professional experience. In addition, it will be necessary to demonstrate that there has been real and continuous activity on the part of the company with which the applicant is contracting. The documentation will depend on each type of profile and can be uploaded remotely, which is a great advantage. Finally, it will be important to prove the type of employment or professional relationship that has existed between the applicant and the worker for at least three months, as well as documents on the terms and conditions of the remote activity.

According to the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, when the applicant is outside Spain, he or she will obtain a permit to reside and work throughout the national territory. This permit has a duration of 1 year, unless the period of work is shorter, in which case the visa will have the same duration. Once 1 year has elapsed, you must apply for a residence permit that will allow you to reside and work in Spain for 3 years. In this link, you can consult to which consular office you should submit your application for a visa to live in Spain as a digital nomad. 

However, the application for this visa is posing difficulties for digital nomads who wish to apply for it. Among them, we can highlight the following: 

Firstly, there is no designed website for the procedure, so it can be complicated to reach information about the application or requirements. In addition, to apply for this visa a fee of 76 euros must be paid and it is necessary to have a Foreigners Identification Number (NIE), a document that many people do not have. Moreover, the information published in the media confuses users, and can lead to mistakes being made in the process. Moreover, too much documentation is required and has to be requested beforehand, which can slow down the process.

To deal with these difficulties, it is recommended to carry out the process with the help of a lawyer specialised in migration issues to speed up the process.


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