why coworking granada instead of malaga

Nowadays, the word “coworking” is a common term in everyday professional conversations. The perfect option for companies and freelancers who consider it as the best place for setting up their business in a different region. Finding the perfect city is crucial for success. This is the main reason because more entrepreneurs are considering renting a coworking space in the city of Granada as the most suitable option. In today’s post, we talk about the advantages of renting a coworking space in Granada compared to Malaga:

Previous steps to bear in mind when making a choice

When looking for a coworking space, it is important to establish your goals and objectives in order to find the environment that best suits your needs. To do this, we recommend that you visit the websites of the spaces you are interested in and, above all, that you go to work there one day to be able to better appreciate the characteristics and the working environment.Choosing the right city is importantIt is not only important to choose a space that suits your goals, but also its location will mark the difference. To make the right choice, you need to previously analyze competition in the area, possibilities of personal and professional development, potential customers, which, among any other factors, will help to expand your business.  In addition, there are relevant external factors such as rental prices, the size of the city, cultural interests or leisure activities that shall be decisive for your final election.

Advantages of renting a coworking space in Granada compared to Malaga

Granada is one of the best locations to rent a coworking space compared to other popular destinations in Spain and Andalusia, such as Malaga. Granada is one of the most fascinating cities in Spain, because of its historical heritage and cultural richness. It offers quality of life, extensive tourist possibilities and activities for all tastes, as well as numerous coworking spaces to choose from, all at a more than acceptable cost. The mountains and the beach are just a stone’s throw away. You have the possibility to practice ski the same day you go to the beach. No other city in the world enjoys such privileged location. It’s a great small city where it’s easy to get around, home to coworking initiatives, ideal for settling down and developing a professional and personal project.

What does Malaga offer?

Malaga is not so far off the beaten track when it comes to coworking. It is the capital of the Costa del Sol, and like Granada has a great cultural heritage, although it is almost impossible to equal the historical richness of Granada. Likewise, it is a city of high tourist interest, due to its extensive beaches, which makes it a not-so-quiet city to live in during certain seasons of the year. The cost of living is higher than in Granada. On the other hand, Malaga is four times the size of Granada and twice the population, so getting around the city is complicated and, depending on one’s personal interests, life in Malaga could be more overwhelming than in Granada.If you were left wanting more after reading about the advantages of renting a coworking space in Granada compared to Malaga, you can find more information related to entrepreneurship on our blog, or you can contact us here.  

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